Educational Information Exchange (EIX)

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Gerald DeHondt II; dehondtg@gvsu.edu

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The Educational Information Exchange (E.I.X.) is a web application designed to be a centralized location where faculty track information on their students and students can track their progress in their classes. E.I.X. makes it possible for a faculty member to complete many tasks in one application that may have been separated before. The tasks range from recording attendance records, recording grades, compiling recommended reading lists, keeping track of books in a personal library, monitoring who has borrowed books, sending email, calculating grades based on grade weight, and determining grades based on a grading scale. For parents and students it provides their most recent progress in their courses. They can view assignments, attendance, class schedule, any comments on assignments or grades, any books they may have borrowed, books that their teachers may have recommended, send email, and they have access to their overall grade at any point in the semester. All the functionality provided by the E.I.X. application was accomplished using several different programming languages and tools, which included ASP.Net, SQL, JavaScript, VB.Net, LINQ, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, and Internet Information Services.

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