An Exemplary Procedural Implementation and Testing of a Calendar Problem

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Dr. Paul Jorgensen, jorgensp@gvsu.edu

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There are many varied methods to aide in the development of test cases for software applications, and at times for the novice software tester, which method to use can be confusing. To provide a platform for experimenting with testing methodologies, a procedural calendar application was created. This application performs multiple computations based upon the input of a calendar date. The computations are at times complicated, but are all fairly easily understood at a high level. The application has 2 separate processing paths, one clean and fault free, while the other processing path has numerous inserted faults. The inserted faults were specifically chosen to be varied in type. This allows the user to evaluate how well his or her chosen testing methodology locates faults. The application also offers a batch mode such that large numbers of test cases can be run in a short amount of time. The hope is that with this application novice testers will learn that software testing is not a simple process to follow, but a skill which must be learned. The various testing methodologies available should be thought of as tools which a tester may use based upon the task which is before them.

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