Implementation Plan for End-to-End Performance Monitoring of a Distributed Application

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Dr. Greg Wolffe, wolffe@gvsu.edu

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Application response times and availability are key elements of user satisfaction with enterprise IT services. JCI does not currently have a centralized performance monitoring tool or consolidated performance reporting methodology. End to end application performance is not consistently measured across the enterprise. Two different commercial tools with distinct technical approaches were considered for measuring both real-user and synthetically generated transactions. Ease of use, scalability, and cost considerations led to the selection of an agent based toolset from Symantec Corporation. An experimental testbed was created to demonstrate the capabilities of the synthetic transaction tool and to develop useful configuration methodologies. Specific architectural and monitoring details were identified for JCI’s Best Business Practices (BBP) Reports application. General implementation guidelines were developed. All future monitored applications at JCI will begin with the same consistent approach to performance monitoring and reporting, allowing for valid performance comparisons across time, application, and location.

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