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Dr. Robert Adams,

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The goal of this project is to build a cross-platform software application for creating, publishing, and maintaining a podcast RSS feed. Podcasting forms the foundation of an innovative subscription service that gives the audience unprecedented control over media-based content. This is a relatively recent technology that distributes audio and video recordings over the Internet using RSS syndication for listening on mobile devices and personal computers. This application will enable the novice podcaster to create and edit their own RSS feeds without requiring prior knowledge of RSS tag names, file structure or XML formatting rules. The application will also automate publishing the RSS feed and associated media recordings to the web server. Finally, the application will help the author promote their podcast, making it easier for the potential audience to discover and subscribe to the show. Different operating systems have unique behavioral guidelines that are wholly or partially implemented at the application level. Users of an operating system come to depend on these unique behaviors. When an application doesn’t follow the accepted guidelines, it can affect user productivity and reduce the perceived quality of the application. A major goal of this project is to implement the unique behavioral guidelines of Windows XP and Mac OS X. Specifically, this project strives to create a Java application that has the appearance and behavior of a native application to such an extent that its cross-platform nature will not be readily apparent to the user.