Queue- Monitor, Support and Administration Tool (Q-MSAT)

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Dr. D. Robert Adams, adams@cis.gvsu.edu

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The Data movement team at Meijer has implemented a middleware solution to distribute data between dispersed and distributed heterogeneous systems. Data sharing across systems is done mainly with the help of exchanging XML messages between the sending and receiving systems using IBM Queues. The data movement team wanted some kind of enterprise queue support tool, to monitor the XML message movement between various queues and sending/receiving systems.

We have designed, implemented and demonstrated a support tool, Queue- Monitor, Support and Administration Tool – (Q-MSAT) that should streamline the support process and reduce the reliance on the limited support available using IBM MQueue toolset or other programming scripts to monitor and support the queues.

Q-MSAT is built on a Microsoft .NET based solution using VB.Net and Microsoft SQL Server. It uses the MQ Classes for .NET provided by IBM to query and manipulate both queues and messages.

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