Mobile Agent / Web Services

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Dr. D. Robert Adams, adams@cis.gvsu.edu

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Technological advances in and convergence of the World Wide Web with Electronic Data Interchange and standard middleware have given rise to several computing paradigms such as Mobile agents and Web Services. Web Services technology provides the basis for interoperability, dynamic discovery and integration of distributed components. On the other hand, mobile agents have been utilized for achievement of local interactions with distributed components or selection of resources to use, with their ability to migrate from one host to another. Both paradigms have opened up great opportunities for new applications. There is, however, an unprecedented hype surrounding both these technologies. This project provides three contributions to the study of Web services and the role played by the emerging XML/SOAP standards as well as research based Mobile Agent technology. First, we explored by writing simple distributed applications and evaluated the two technologies from ease of development and deployment prospective. Second, we compared and contrasted the features offered by each. Third, we provide our analysis on the applicability of mobile agents and web services and the circumstances in which both can be used.

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