Distributed FTP Middleware

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Dr. Christian Trefftz, trefftzc@gvsu.edu

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Distributed FTP Middleware is a distributed middleware service that is designed to be a new layer between FTP/HTTP and File download applications. The Middleware provides distribution of downloading of files which are multipart enabled.

The project deals with implementation of a Download Manager program which is fully integrated into the IE browser, fully integrated with DFTP Middleware, providing the ability to recover interrupted downloads.

The DFTP middleware, implemented as a Windows NT Service enables the user to download the file using multiple threads on multiple computers. Explored the possibility of adding a Peer-Peer information network, the multipart files once downloaded on the participating machines are transferred to the parent machine using P2P network. DFTP is designed to act as a virtual cache, when a file is initiated for download it check participating machines on the local network for cached multipart files, It connects to the external host only to download the parts that are not available locally.

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