Instructional Rounds is a continuous improvement strategy that focuses on the technical core of educational systems as well as educators collaborating side-by-side. Concentrating on collective learning, this process only makes sense within an overall strategy of improvement. This case study examined the Instructional Rounds process in a northern Michigan school district. Pressure points identified included a culture of distrust, an unclear definition of learner outcomes and effective teaching, and a status quo view of improvement. Supportive strategies for change were identified and continue to be implemented as part of the district’s continuous improvement strategy


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Meyer-Looze, C. L. (2015). Creating a Cycle of Continuous Improvement through Instructional Rounds. International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation, 10(1), 29–45. http://www.ncpeapublications.org/index.php/volume-10-number-1-spring-2015/677-creating-a-cycle-of-continuous-improvement-through-instructional-29-rounds.

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