change model, continuous improvement, professional development, smaller learning communities, theory of change


Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development


Successful schools have a clearly defined vision for student success, usually measured by college and career readiness standards. They are able to articulate success indicators for student performance as well as success indicators for the staff performance needed to meet those student indicators. Successful schools are able to describe a theory of change, or change model, which drives their school improvement process to close the gaps between their current reality and their desired future state or vision. This article discusses change theory, describes the tenets of a change model, and illustrates those tenets describing a grant-funded change initiative in one school that has demonstrated sustainability.

Original Citation

Meyer-Looze, C., Richards, S., Brandell, S., & Margulus, L. (2019). Implementing the Change Process for Staff and Student Success: An Instructional Module. The International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation, 14(1), 170-87.