Learning Laboratories, Mentors, Peer Relationship, Models, Teacher Educators, Reflection, Teaching Experience, Observation, Teaching Methods, Teacher Collaboration, College Faculty


Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development


This paper describes a faculty development project in which four teacher educators, who were part of a larger Faculty Learning Community, used an innovative model called the Faculty Learning Lab to support each other in critical reflections about their teaching. Within the learning lab, which was guided by Knowles’ adult learning theory, each faculty member invited colleagues to observe a lesson, priming their observations with a description of desired learning objectives. Learning lab members shared their noticings regarding evidence of student learning and their hypotheses about the interaction of factors that may have affected the learning. Exploratory analyses indicate that participation in this faculty mentoring project has helped participants develop a professional vision, as well as a sense of professional collegiality.

Original Citation

Bair, M., DeFrance, N., Diarrassouba, N., & Stockton, T. (2019). Developing a Professional Vision: The Role of Faculty Learning Labs as a Peer-Mentoring Model. Journal of Faculty Development, 33(1), 15–24.