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Reading is an essential skill for life. When students come to classrooms without an identity as a reader, teachers must engage and motivate students to read and take on a reading identity. This is especially true for students who have special needs or struggling readers. As teachers, we need to be able to draw on the identity of our students to engage and motivate them to read. Teachers must look at the classroom environment and ensure it is conducive to creating a community of readers. Choice must be provided to students. Being able to choose what they read, will benefit the building of an identity as a reader. Students must also be offered a variety of ways to respond to their reading. Examples of responses could include drawing, dancing, using technology to create a movie or a presentation, among numerous other examples. The use of technology should also be used to engage and motivate students, both as a way in to reading and as a means of expressing themselves about their reading. This project, which is a presentation for special education teachers, will illustrate practical and easy ways that teachers can help students develop their reading identity.

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