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Research shows that urban adolescent girls of color lack safe spaces to explore issues of identity and improve self-esteem. Counseling interventions that encourage ethnic identity exploration have been shown to increase self-esteem, and a deeper understanding of one’s ethnic identity has been shown to serve as a protective factor against microaggressions and other forms of discrimination. School counselors should foster identity development as a component of the comprehensive school counseling program. Book clubs are an effective means to foster identity and selfesteem development in urban adolescent girls. This project is a guide to be used by urban high school counselors to facilitate small group books clubs for adolescent girls of color. It fills a need by being a ready-to-use plan that counselors, already burdened with high student-to-counselor ratios, can utilize in their schools with little planning on their parts, and it helps urban adolescent girls of color build protective factors against the stressors in their lives.

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