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Research shows that more students with a chronic illness are able to learn within their mainstream schools, but that schools are often unprepared for the reintegration process. Chronically ill students may not have the same access to equal learning opportunities when compared to their healthy peers, even though a regular school environment can be beneficial for the academic and social/emotional development of these students. School counselors can help to create an individualized reintegration program for these students, breaking down the barriers to their successful reintegration back into the classroom environment. This project is a guide to be used by school counselors to help facilitate this reintegration program for chronically ill students. It fills a need by providing an outline that school counselors can use to fill in the individualized student needs, thus creating a personal and specific plan for each student as necessary. This plan can help school counselors by providing organization and decreasing confusion and uncertainty throughout the planning process. This plan can also help chronically ill students to strengthen their academic and social/emotional development, and to have a more successful return to their typical classroom environment.

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