A study of the views of the chief communications officers (CCOs) at large organizations revealed views about “high performance” of the communication function is considered more in terms of the entire organization than evaluation only of the communications or public relations function. Depth interviews followed by a survey showed that top CCOs see high performance most important in IT and finance, but that high performance in communications is more vital to organizational success than it is in marketing, legal and the human resources function. Key drivers and impediments to high-performance of corporate communications were identified. The study matters to the profession by going beyond other research on communications and public relations evaluation that is focused more within the function than in the broader organizational context. It also extends recent research on public relations and leadership. Finally, the study shows a distinction in viewpoint between top communications executives and other professionals, and indicates a mindset necessary to be successful as a function as well as to gain respect across the enterprise.

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Penning, T., & Bain, M. (2018). High-Performing Corporate Communications Teams: Views of Top CCOs. Public Relations Journal, 11(3), 1–23. https://prjournal.instituteforpr.org/wp-content/uploads/2.-High-Performing-Corporate-Communication-Teams-.pdf

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