This project explores the idea of “Doing Gender,” a term coined by sociologists Candace West and Don Zimmerman. The photographic series is comprised of diptychs in which I photographed people performing a feminine gender performance, as well as a masculine one. By exploring gender in this way and capturing it on camera, I have illustrated ways in which gender is a learned performance. This paper details the methods used to create this project, as well as its intentions as an analysis of gender performance.

Amanda, feminine.jpg (208 kB)
Amanda, feminine

Amanda, masculine.jpg (167 kB)
Amanda, masculine

Dan, feminine.jpg (305 kB)
Dan, feminine

Dan, masculine.jpg (303 kB)
Dan, masculine

Danielle, feminine.jpg (286 kB)
Danielle, feminine

Danielle, masculine.jpg (253 kB)
Danielle, masculine

Jess, feminine.jpg (223 kB)
Jess, feminine

Jess, masculine.jpg (204 kB)
Jess, masculine

Josh, feminine.jpg (231 kB)
Josh, feminine

Josh, masculine.jpg (289 kB)
Josh, masculine

Kaitlin, feminine.jpg (163 kB)
Kaitlin, feminine

Kaitlin, masculine.jpg (220 kB)
Kaitlin, masculine

Marissa, feminine.jpg (163 kB)
Marissa, feminine

Marissa, masculine.jpg (186 kB)
Marissa, masculine

Matt, feminine.jpg (228 kB)
Matt, feminine

Matt, masculine.jpg (219 kB)
Matt, masculine

Spencer, feminine.jpg (178 kB)
Spencer, feminine

Spencer, masculine.jpg (161 kB)
Spencer, masculine

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