In December 2021, Basis Policy Research (Basis) released a report examining the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student achievement in Grand Valley State University (GVSU) charter schools. Findings revealed students made achievement gains in math and reading in 2021 but at a lower rate as compared to prior years. Furthermore, Basis researchers found that students’ achievement in spring 2021 was lower compared to the pre-pandemic period; achievement in spring 2021 was between 8 to 18 percentile points lower than spring 2019, with larger declines in math as compared to reading.

This report continues examining the impact of the pandemic on student achievement in GVSU charter schools. Here, Basis researchers analyze math and reading achievement two full academic years since the onset of the pandemic. In this report, we analyze trends in math and reading in 2021-22 and examine how achievement during the pandemic compares to prior years. We also explore how overall achievement differs across student groups (i.e., grade-level, race and ethnicity) where possible. Findings from this report aim to provide GVSU, district, and schools leaders with insights to support teaching and learning.

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