Executive Order (EO 2020-35) mandated all Michigan districts and schools provide distance learning opportunities for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. As part of EO 2020-35, school districts submitted Continuity of Learning Plans (CLP) and COVID-19 Response Plans to continue receiving state aid for school operations. The CLPs required districts to consider how they would design learning for equity and access, keep students at the center of instruction, assess learning, and support student well-being. Districts’ completed applications – including assurances documents, CLPs, and budget outlines – were submitted to intermediate school districts and authorizing bodies for approval.

This study identifies (a) alternative modes of instruction districts will provide students, (b) how students will access different modes of instruction, (c) how districts will keep student learning and well-being at the center of attention, (d) how districts will monitor student participation and learning, and (e) other core features of districts’ CLPs.

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