composition, critical thinking, critical questions, pragma-dialectics, teaching, Toulmin model, United States of America, writing


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Secondary and university instructors in the United States rely heavily on the Toulmin model to teach written argumentation. To date, pragma-dialectics (van Eemeren and Grootendorst 2004; van Eemeren 2010) is not a visible presence in American composition textbooks. To ameliorate the limits of a single framework, writing instructors and consultants should ask critical questions not only associated with Toulmin's model, but also those of the pragma-dialectic model of critical discussion.

Original Citation

Ellis, L. (2015). A Critique of the Ubiquity of the Toulmin Model in Argumentative Writing Instruction in the U.S.A. In F. H. van Eemeren & B. Garssen (Eds.), Scrutinizing Argumentation in Practice (UK ed. edition, pp. 201–214). Amsterdam ; Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company.