Environmental Sciences


The Healthy Eating and Sustainable Lifestyle group focuses on educating students and community members and directing individuals to making healthier dietary choices. We plan to achieve this goal through the Healthy Transition Day that will target this problem, intended to educate and involve students and community members around Grand Valley. This idea involves incorporationing the SAP into GVSU’s transition week. With Healthy Transition Day, students have the ability to tour the farm and learn how to get involved during their time at Grand Valley.

We have conceptualized two additional solutions that would take more time, resources, and planning in order to implement. One of these ideas is the Nutrition and Wellness course that would take place at the SAP. In this course, students would be able to earn course credits while learning hands on how to have a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, we drafted an idea of creating a healthy cooking club on campus. The club would be for groups of students or faculty to meet at the SAP and learn hands-on by preparing, cooking, and enjoying nutritious meals and teach the group how fun, easy, and affordable it can be!