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Environmental Sciences


Tired of being stuck inside during the winter? Need a break from all the homework and studying? Do you love ice skating or wish you had more opportunities to go? Well come on down to the Sustainable Agriculture Project or SAP! Our all new ice skating rink is fun, close, and best of all cheap. This rink is great for experienced skaters or anyone who has never skated a day in their life. Made out of sustainable materials, the rink features a quick check-in kiosk where you can rent skates for only $2 or bring your own to skate for free. We also utilize solar powered lights around the rink to make sure it is well lit. Plus we are located only two miles from campus at 4539 Luce St. Make sure you check the SAP’s website or Facebook page to see the rinks hours of operation. An example of our website and promotional description can be seen in Figure 3.