Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants


Focusing-Oriented Shamanic Counseling


Liberal Studies Department


Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies


Arts and Humanities


This two-hour workshop will provide expertise in Focusing-Oriented Shamanic Counseling practices. Participants will learn how shamanic techniques can be blended with Focusing steps. Participants will then practice these techniques in dyads and, finally, will debrief the exercise in the large group. The workshop has already been approved for two Continuing Education credits with the American Psychological Association by the Society for Humanistic Psychology. Learning Objectives:1. Identify and explain core concepts of shamanism. 2. Identify how to combine Focusing with shamanic techniques.3. Explain how this connects to the psychology of GG Jung.4. Discuss further implications and limitations of utilizing shamanic techniques.

Conference Name

Community in Difference: Cultivating a Home for Love and Justice in an Indifferent World

Conference Location

Carpinteria, California

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