Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants


Place-Based Education: the Community as Partner


Liberal Studies Department


Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies


Arts and Humanities


This paper considers the role of the city/community as homespace in the education process in an attempt to bring a particular place, the community of Muskegon, MI, into the classroom as a learning partner. My work in this area draws on both feminist and pragmatist commitments, informed by the work of Jane Addams, John Dewey and contemporary feminist and pragmatist thinkers. I am attempting to demonstrate the underlying commitment to particularities of location/place in pragmatist feminist theory and practice. This allows us to read Addams and Dewey in light of contemporary practice, and positions pragmatism and feminism as a resource for place-based education.

Conference Name

Feminist Pragmatism in Place

Conference Location

Dayton, Ohio

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