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Educating Middle Class Children in Santiago, Chile: Parents, Children, Knowledges and Practices


Sociology Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


This paper seeks to analyze the complex decisions made by parents belonging to different fractions of the middle class in the ÑuÃoa and La Florida communities in Santiago, Chile with regard to their choice of schools and provision of enrichment activities to their children. In the analysis, I consider each parent's tools (or their absence) marshalled to make these decisions; labor market and family situations that affect educational decisions; and parents' diverse economic, symbolic, and time investments in their children's education. The findings contribute to the debate on educational policies in Chile, which are normally focused on test scores as indicators of school quality without considering parents' complex motivations for and abilities to confront the challenges of educating their children.

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Latin American Studies Association Annual Congress

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Washington, DC

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