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Title: The Impact of Late-Life Immigration on the Heath of Elderly Immigrants


Economics Department


Seidman College of Business

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We use the New Immigrant Survey (NIS-2003), a nationally representative sample of new legal immigrants to the United States, to investigate the relationship between late-life immigrants health and their immigration process. The immigration process of becoming a legal resident alien in the U.S. for elderly immigrants who are new-comers has been linked with social isolation and depression. This relationship has been examined using relatively small sample sizes and as such researchers were unable to conduct an empirical analysis. This paper fills that gap. Our estimation from logit models indicates that the immigration process is not a determinant of the health status of elderly immigrants. The results also indicate that the countries or regions of origin of the elderly immigrants along with high blood pressure and diabetes play a significant role in late-life immigrants health.

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Western Economic Association International

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San Francisco, USA

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