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Therapy and Fun Creating Positive Therapy for Children Through Effective Teen Mentoring


Over the last 30 years Comprehensive Therapy Center has developed their intensive six-week summer therapy program Therapy and Fun for young children with special needs. Occupational and speech-language goals for the program are chosen by the therapists and parents during an individual intake. Each client attends the program for three consecutive days a week, receiving one hour of occupational therapy, one hour of speech-language therapy and one hour of therapy reinforcement activities each day. In addition to occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists, the therapy program is staffed with highly trained student volunteers. These volunteers, who often begin volunteering in middle school, are trained to be role models for the children receiving therapy, providing peer mentoring and encouragement, and helping to disguise therapy as camp. At the end of the summer program, each client receives a discharge report, summarizing their progress during the program. Pre- and post-surveys are obtained from the clients parents, program satisfaction surveys are obtained from the clients. Data of survey results and therapy progress are collated and analyzed for trends and outcomes.

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Possibilities of Early Childhood Intervention From Birth to the Age of Three

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Budapest, Hungary

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