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Gongfu Interpretation of Confucianism


Philosophy Department


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Social and Behavioral Sciences


The paper explains what it means to interprete Confucianism from a gongfu perspective: 1, it means to take Confucianism as gongfu instructions about how to cultivate the person, regulate the family, govern the state, and bring peace to the world, and not as a descriptive theory about the world. 2, it means that the ultimate aim of Confucianism is mastering the art of living rather than providing moral norms for life. 3, it means that the teachings in Confucian classics should be read perlocutionarily (as speech acts), and not just according to their literal meanings. 4. it means that certain contents in Confucian classics can only be fully understood with personal cultvation practice.

Conference Name

Chinese Philosophers Conference

Conference Location

Beijing, China

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