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Taking it to the Streets: Field Reports on the Opportunities and Obstacles Associated with Helping Community Sports ProgramsAdopt the National Standards for Sport Coaches


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Physical Sciences and Mathematics


This semi-structured panel discussion will highlight both the building blocks and stumbling blocks associated with helping community youth sports programs particularly those serving underrepresented populations adopt the National Standards for Sport Coaches (National Standards: 2006). Representatives from two community-based programs that have been committed to designing youth sport athletic programs based on the eight domains set forth in the National Standards will share their successes and setbacks in an effort to encourage other programs to take the National Standards to the streets. The National Association for Sport and Physical Activity (NASPE) called for the National Standards for Sport Coaches to be adopted in order to: (1) evaluate the impact of coaches on the sport experiences of athletes, (2) improve opportunities for coaches and athletes to excel in sports and skill development, and (3) construct curriculum for training previously underrepresented populations in the coaching industry (National Standards, 2006, p. 3). Despite these lofty goals, anecdotal evidence suggests that relatively few coaches and athletic administrators are aware that the National Standards exist and fewer still have adopted them to evaluate coaches, improve opportunities to excel in sports, or construct curricula to train underserved populations. Two notable exceptions organizations that are putting the National Standards into practice are the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Sport Leadership Programs ongoing partnership with the Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) Athletics Department and the Metro Boston Coaches Academy. The GVSU/GRPS partnership is committed to providing coaches and athletic administrators with support in designing and implementing sports programs that are consistent with the National Standards and the mission of the MBCA is to provide safe and quality sports experiences for Boston youth by encouraging, strengthening, and building networks of quality trained sport coaches.

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National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education National Conference

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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