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Submersive Learning: An Interactive Approach to Enhance Visitor Experience in a museum Setting


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Located on the Muskegon Lake Channel, USA, the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum (GLNMM) is host to the USS Silversides a World War II submarine. In order to enhance the visitor experience at the museum and provide additional educational content the museum is implementing several integrative educational components. These components include the interactive Shipmate & ROV Oceanographer Programs and activity books, Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) and increased technology for current Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) programs. This project is collaboration between two university management professors, the director of education at the museum, two university librarians and three university students. Collective learning connected the museum, higher education, business, libraries, economics and the workforce.

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Sixth International Conference on the Inclusive Museum

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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