Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants


Sustainable Campus as a Living Learning Lab: Example of Grand Valley State University.


Environmental Studies


Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies


Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Abstract: GVSU has been recognized as one of the nations most environmentally-responsible colleges by the Princeton Review and ranked the 16th in the nation for sustainable practices based on the Green Metric World University Ranking. GVSU faculty, staff and students have embarked upon a journey to transform our university into a dynamic and fully integrated learning community. We are building truly sustainable university culture, integrating curriculum, research, community, and infrastructure. This paper examines specific examples, such as Sustainable Food Systems project, LEED-certified buildings management (currently 15), storm-water management system, and the GLISTEN (Great Lakes Innovative Stewardship Through Education Network) project.

Conference Name

Smart and Sustainable Campuses

Conference Location

Bethesda, MD

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