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XMM-Newton Observations of the Dark Accelerator MGRO J1908+06




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MGRO J1908+06 is one of the brightest TeV gamma-ray sources in the Galactic disk. It was originally discovered with Milagro and later confirmed with H.E.S.S. and VERITAS as an extended TeV source. A nearby GeV gamma-ray pulsar, PSR J1907+06, was recently discovered with the Fermi LAT suggesting that MGRO J1908+06 is an asymmetric pulsar wind nebula. While counterparts to the pulsar have been found at X-ray and radio wavelengths, no emission other than TeV gamma rays has so far been detected from MGRO J1908+06. The pulsar wind nebula appears to have an extremely low X-ray to TeV gamma-ray flux ratio. We have obtained XMM-Newton data for the region near MGRO J1908+06 and present the results of our search for extended X-ray emission from the pulsar wind nebula.

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The X-ray Universe 2011

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Berlin, Germany

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