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I’ve been invited to participate in the World Festival of Children Performing Arts 2012 in Japan as a guest of the President of the Japan Foundation. My role will be critic/adjudicator delivering public commentary with two other international experts on 30+ performances staged at this global event. Most of the theatre companies are adult troupes presenting work for young audiences. While in Toyama I’ll also participate in performance workshops & directing/acting seminars; and I’ll have opportunities to speak with the Festival organizers and producers/directors regarding Festival management policies and organization procedures. The Festival will provide airport transfers in Japan, as well as lodging, local transportation and meals during my stay. This opportunity will enable me to continue my research on international theatre festivals, an area in which I’ve been publishing for the past several years. This research & experience over the past decade has enabled me to use my expertise in the management work that I do in GVSU Theatre program: serving as a member of the Shakespeare Festival committee, guiding the annual cultural diversity in theatre program, and arranging field studies experiences for students at international festivals. My experience in Japan will also enhance my directing work with GVSU students by keeping me current with production approaches and styles that I observe in Japan. The workshops I attend will also strengthen my teaching abilities in performance classes that I’m scheduled to teach during the coming year: Acting (CTH 151 & 356), and Global Arts Performance (CTH 373).

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Toyama World Festival of Children's Theatre

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Toyama, Japan

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