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The Impact of a Structured Learning Assistance Program on Performance in a Managerial Finance Course


Finance Department


Seidman College of Business

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The purpose of this research is to measure the performance of students in a conventionally taught required course in Managerial Finance at a large Midwestern university versus a section taught by the same instructor using a Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) Program. The content for a SLA course is identical to a non-SLA course. The difference in the SLA approach is if a student grade falls below a C, the SLA student is required to attend weekly workshop sessions until the grade returns to the required level, or higher. Our hypothesis is the overall course grade for the experimental class (SLA section) is significantly different from the overall course grade in the control section (non-SLA section). We have collected the core data and are in the process of analyzing the results.

Conference Name

2013 SOBIE Annual Academic Conference

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Destin, FL

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