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Comparing two events: Tulip Time Festival and ArtPrize in Michigan


Hospitality & Tourism Management Department


College of Community and Public Service

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Arts and Humanities


Few studies have compared different events to understand commonalities and differences in the relationship between demographic and trip characteristics and the amount of spending by different event attendees. Therefore, this study compared two annual events, with a similar population size, held in the same year and located within the same proximity by using the same instrument and method for the comparative study. The onsite data was randomly collected during the two events. The final usable sample size was 412 from Tulip Time Festival attendees and 862 from ArtPrize attendees. The responses were compared by using descriptive, t-test, and ANOVA. The present study found that each event had different demographics and trip characteristics and spending patterns, however both the events showed consistent results that spending patterns significantly differed by trip purpose, repeat attendance, and age. These similarities and differences found between two events were suggested for future management of similar events.

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TOSOK International Tourism Conference

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Ulsan, Korea

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