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Os Problemas Filosoficos da Ciencia Moderna e a Nova Educacao Cientifica


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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Gaston Bachelard has suggested that ways of thinking in science represent successive epistemological breaks with both common sense and past scientific achievements. But his emphasis on the progress of approximate knowledge, and his attempt to find a metaphysics which represent a balance between realism and rationalism in science, transcendthe typical practices in the scientific communiyt. Rational criticism, intellectual surveillance, and intersubjective agreement can only be activated with non-empirical tools such as epistemic values, judgement values, and emotions. These non-empirical criteria of science ought to be transferred to the community at large, as tools for social progress. Ths presentation fleshes out the implications of some of the connections between obstacles, epistemic values, science education, and morality.

Conference Name

Homenagem a Gaston Bachelard

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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