Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants


AWG International Project 2009-2010


School of Communications


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Date Range



Animation, created frame by frame, provides a vehicle for carefully crafted visual communication. Independent of spoken language, images can carry meaning across borders and cultures. This year, young people around the globe were given the opportunity to create an animation that expressed their own personal ideas in anticipation of the celebration of ASIFA 50th anniversary. Using clips from our recent animation workshop with children in Grand Rapids, MI, ages 6 - 8, I will discuss how our groups of young students decided on their animation style. I will present the completed film as a part of the program "Animation Made by Children of the World." This film was created as part of the Animation Outreach Program of GVSU's Film and Video program. ASIFA is the International Animation Association. GVSU's Animation Outreach Program participates with ASIFA in organizing a yearly animation workshop for area children. At the Hiroshima festival, I will also present the work in progress from our 2010 workshop.

Conference Name

Hiroshima International Animation Festival

Conference Location

Hiroshima, Japan

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