Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants


An Adolescent Sex Offender Treatment Program: Recidivism Rates with Implications on Personality Types


School of Criminal Justice


College of Community and Public Service


Arts and Humanities


In 1988, the Kent County Juvenile Court (Grand Rapids, Michigan) implemented an innovative program for juvenile sex offenders. This program, the Adolescent Sex Offenders Treatment Program (ASOTP) was designed to provide comprehensive treatment services to this population. The presenters will discussed the ASOTP and review current research designed to address issues of sexual offending as it pertains to personality types and recidivism rates. This presentation is designed to assist mental health providers, juvenile court workers and judges in assessing the needs of adolescent sex offenders in order to provide comprehensive treatment services to this population

Conference Name

ACJS 50th Annual Meeting

Conference Location

Dallas, TX

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