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Understanding Traumatic Stress in Infants & Young Children: Causes, Effects and Strategies for Healing


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Experiencing neglect, extreme fear or abuse can impact a individual's development regardless of age. These types of traumatic events often have far reaching implications on learning, social and emotional growth both at the time of the event and in the future. Trauma of this nature can also have a devistating impact on the relationships a child has with those around them. This poster will address the concept of traumatic stress as it relates to infants and young children, discuss information regarding stress symptoms and their ramifications, and provide ideas for skills and strategies that caregivers and family support systems can use to enhance learning and promote healing. Objectives for the poster session include: 1. Define key components of traumatic stress. 2. Depict the ways in which traumatic stress impacts social, emotional and physical development in infants and young children 3. Provide strategies for adressing the needs of those who have experienced traumatic events.

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Hawaii International Conference on Education

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Honolulu, Hawaii

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