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Clinical instructors' perspectives: What should we be teaching in pediatrics?


Physical Therapy


College of Health Professions

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Purpose: This study explored clinical instructors' perspectives regarding the specific aspects of pediatric content that should be included in the curricula of entry-level physical therapist education programs. Methods: This mixed methods study was conducted using 2 groups of participants. Group I included 9 purposively selected clinical instructors who completed both a Web-based survey and an interview that explored their responses to the survey. Group II consisted of 278 clinical instructors who completed only the Web-based survey. Results: Participants provided recommendations pertaining to the depth and breadth of pediatric content in entry-level curricula. A figure was created to depict the participants' perspectives on how pediatric content in the entry-level curricula should be structured. Conclusions: Clinical instructors' perspectives offer valuable insights that can be used to guide and direct entry-level curricular content in pediatrics. The results of this study may assist physical therapist faculty in preparing students for entry-level practice in pediatrics.

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APTA Combined Sections Meeting

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New Orleans, LA

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