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Foundations and Media: Bringing the System On-Stream


Art & Design


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As media culture has become more pervasive in society, many foundations programs have recognized the importance of addressing influences from the likes of movies, advertisements and the Internet in their classes. This is both a rich and problematic undertaking because students are often so immersed in media that they are blind to its impact, but when they are able to deconstruct it and explore its use and effect, they can utilize it with greater purpose and meaning. The goal, therefore, must be to connect the role of the media to practices in fine art, while also appreciating the modern influences that students are receiving. The focus of this panel will be to address strategies for incorporating aspects of media culture into a curriculum traditionally concerned with teaching fundamental skill. The essential question then becomes: How do instructors within foundations programs address the subject of media without sacrificing instruction of important technical skills, such as observational drawing, composition, color and 3-D design? The panel will consist of four participants from various foundations programs around the country. I intend to organize the panel to represent a variety of viewpoints and offer multiple strategies for addressing media in foundations classes. Our aim will be to establish a lively dialogue on the subject so the audience will be exposed to multiple perspectives. The panelists will be encouraged to incorporate handouts and possibly participate in a blog post before and/or after the presentation.

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Foundations in Art, Theory and Education

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St. Louis, MO

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