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Homeorhetic Adaptation During the Pregnancy to Lactation Transition: A Comparative TranscriptomeAnalysis of Key Metabolic Tissues Using a Rat Model


Cell & Molecular Biology


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Homeorhetic adaptation during the pregnancy to lactation transition elicits adjustment in metabolism of several organs and augments shuttling of nutrients to the mammary gland. Therefore, the goal of this study was to characterize coordinated gene interaction among liver, mammary and adipose tissue mediating homeorhetic adaptation from pregnancy to lactation. Total RNA was isolated from mammary, liver and adipose tissues collected from rat dams on day 20 of pregnancy (P20) and day 1 of lactation (L1) and gene expression was measured using Rat Affymetrix GeneChips. PGSEA method was utilized to identify transcriptional differences between P20 and L1 tissues and IPA for uncovering the corresponding network structures. IPA revealed that pathways associated with development (ERK-MAPK, IGF, PI3K-AKT, PTEN, JAK-STAT), endocrine receptor-associated signaling (AHR, NR3C1, INSR, PRLR, ER) and metabolism (carbohydrate, amino acid, lipid, cholesterol, protein) were enriched ….

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