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Using Prediction Questions as a Vehicle for Professional Development




College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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There are many different ways to provide practice-based professional development opportunities for practicing teachers. The use of prediction questions provides one such opportunity. We define prediction as reasoning about the mathematical ideas of a lesson using previous knowledge, patterns, or connections prior to formal instruction (Kasmer, 2009) .Prediction does not imply a simple premature guess. Rather, prediction is a sophisticated reasoning process connecting relevant ideas. In order to make a plausible prediction, students must activate their prior knowledge and connect concepts from previous learning. In this session we recount our professional-development work where we investigated the ways that K-8 teachers uses of prediction questions transfers from a professional development setting to classroom practice and exhibits reform-teaching practice, sharing implications for professional development experiences. We then broaden this idea of levels of transfer by exploring how, we as professional developers, can extend this levels of framework to work with practicing and prospective teachers.

Conference Name

Sixteenth AMTE Annual Conference, 2012

Conference Location

Ft. Worth, Texas

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