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St. Ignatius of Loyola is best known for his "Spiritual Exercises" and the founding of the Society of Jesus in 15 40, better known today as the Jesuit order. This practical workshop will present an overview of the 'exercises' and the key elements of Ignatian Spirituality to deepen our spiritual lives by finding God in all things. The "Spiritual Exercises", written by St. Ignatius, are a four week retreat; meditating on the life of Jesus. St. Ignatius exercises pay special attention to God's work in our lives, our experiences, our imagination and our feelings leading to contemplative prayer, discernment, disciplined reflection on God's work in the world and dynamic involvement in service. Ignation spirituality is about being a contemplative in action; an ideal for the faith of the social worker.

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North American Christian's in Social Work 2011 Convention

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