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As technology continues to become a significant part of our lives, its impact is felt in all aspects of life including education. The difficulty is trying to figure out what forms of technology are the most valuable and beneficial or in other words, which forms of technology are being adopted by students to help them be successful in their educational pursuits. This is of particular interests to university faculty as they decide which forms of technology to use from an educational perspective. In fact, it can be something as simple as deciding how best to communicate to the students through the use of technology or distribute educational content that is appropriate for the type of technology used by students. The proposed research aims to answer some of these questions specifically focusing on hospitality and tourism students that are undergraduate students at a Midwest university. The long-term view of this research would be the development of a longitudinal survey in that this type of data would be collected annually to see how the adoption and use of technology by hospitality students changes and evolves over time.

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iHITA Annual Research Conference

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Baltimore, Maryland