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Teaching Business English: Are We Condemned to Use Technology?


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The use of digital technology to deliver instruction is becoming not only widespread, but also necessary in the development and acquisition of knowledge and skills required in academia and in the workplace. In spite of its prevalence in many instructional settings, particularly in the first world, its use is limited and even quasi inexistent in many developing nations. Thus, its utilization is subject to many questions. Is it desirable or necessary for teaching and learning in professional training institutions such as business schools or colleges? Is it accessible to all engaged in the teaching and learning of English for specific purposes all over the world, particularly in the learning of business English? If yes to what extent is it accessible to all learners and teachers? If no how can it be made available for a wider use in the teaching and learning of English for business purposes? These are someof the questions that this session will address taking into consideration a comparative analysis of digital technology integration for delivering instruction to Business students in the United States and in Côte d'Ivoire (West Africa). The participants and the presenter in this session will discuss the findings of an investigation about the use of digital technology in teaching Business English in the countries mentioned above and draw conclusions for curriculum development and instructional techniques for contexts where there is a dearth or limited use of digital technology.

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TESOL Convention

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New Orleans, LA

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