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Maybe Next Year?: Gendering HIV/AIDS Activism


Women and Gender Studies


Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

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This paper explores the history of women activists in ACT/UP and affiliated organizations responding to HIV/AIDS. ACT/UP has been portrayed as a white, gay male organization, however there was a very active Women's Caucus that successfully demanded that the CDC expand their HIV/AIDS definition to include symptoms specific to women. Additionally, there were multiple people of color caucuses that worked to expand ACT/UP's vision. Using archival records from ACT/UP and the Lesbian Herstory Archives, I argue that women and people of color were important activists in the AIDS movement. Reconceptualizing the activism of women and people of color in HIV/AIDS organizing will help us reexamine the way HIV/AIDS has or has not been taken up as a "feminist" issue.

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National Women's Studies Association

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Atlanta, GA

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