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Spanish Language Radio Podcasts in the Elementary Spanish Immersion Classroom


Modern Languages & Literatures


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Technological developments over the course of the past few decades are significantly changing how we teach and learn languages. They offer language teachers and learners access to an increasingly wide range of target language materials. The Internet brings these materials, be they print, audio or video into our homes, our places of employment, our cars, buses and subways, and our classrooms. In general, these materials have been developed with no language teaching intent or focus. Consequently, the pedagogical application of these materials often presents language teachers with particular challenges. All too often, we are faced with limited access to appropriate hardware and software. Another issue that we must confront is how to successfully incorporate these materials into a standard academic curriculum. This presentation will provide an overview of the tools needed to access and adapt Spanish language radio podcasts as pedagogical texts and reflect upon the classroom application of these texts in a second grade elementary classroom of a K-12 Spanish immersion program in the United States.

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Practical Approaches to Content and Language Integrated Learning

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Pamplona, Spain

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