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A Human Interpretation of Feminism




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In this paper I will explain why Hume would have been supportive of feminist scholarship specifically in the area of ethical theory and why feminist scholarship is exactly what Hume describes as the best way to knowledge of ourselves and our world and our developing moral sentiments&.that is that we learn through relationships and conversation with others. I argue that the process by which feminist scholars have earned respect and forced cultural progress in women's rights and recognition of women's ideas is in actuality a Humean one. It is Humean because, for Hume, our understanding of ourselves and our morality and political selves change in response to conversation and relationships with others. Feminist understandings and discussions of justice and care and the complex distinction between social construction and the development of what we understand ourselves to be in relation to others are themes feminists have in common with Hume. We learn and change as Hume explains we do in the company of others. Not as victims of unchangeable social constructs but as persons in community and as part of the process of individuals relating to others learning about what we are and what we can be as developing beings not ever statically defined.

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Hawaii University International Conference

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Honolulu, HI

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