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Women and Gender Studies


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In addition to the presentation described below, I serve on the Governing Council for the NWSA (the Executive Committee) and am both responsible for attending the council meeting; I also am co-chair for a preconference of directors of women/gender studies programs. ABSTRACT: We know that annual reports serve multiple purposes-- defining accomplishments, data collection to see trends, reflection and goal setting, and accountability to constituents--but actually writing one is often daunting. For directors and administrators of women and gender studies programs they can also lay the groundwork for new hires, additional funding, and program growth. The purpose of the workshop is to help directors of programs and departments draft annual reports that mesh with strategic planning and program development. As women and gender studies seeks to transform the academy, it is essential that directors and administrators be able to position their programs strategically, especially in periods of declining resources. One essential took is the Annual Report. Participants will bring evidence necessary for strong annual report and will work with one another and with experienced writers to draft documents relevant to their own programs.

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Feminist Transformations

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Atlanta, GA

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