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Tenure and Promotion for Music Educators




College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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The recruitment, preparation and professional development of music teacher educators is crucial to the success of the music education profession. At most institutions, the primary vehicle for this decision is the promotion portfolio or dossier. This session is designed to discuss every aspect of the tenure and promotion process and will be led by two music teacher education professors: one who is currently untenured and has been through one contract renewal and a second who is a tenured administrator who has reviewed and taken action on over 250 personnel cases both inside and outside of music. The first part of the session will begin with a discussion of how a new professor can identify the institutional standards for promotion, from the bare bones of vitae construction, to syllabi that match university outcomes, to the expectations for teaching, research and service. The second part of the session will describe appropriate techniques for developing and implementing a successful professional agenda, from journal selection, submission, rejection and developing appropriate writing/research schedules. Most importantly, in the final and longest part of the session, the presenters will discuss the development of the tenure and promotion portfolio/dossier itself. At most institutions, it is the most important, if not only item, that the candidate uses to make a case for tenure and promotion. The presenters will discuss how to develop a portfolio that makes an affirmative, evidenced-based document that speaks to the criteria, standards and culture that the candidate has properly ascertained throughout their probationary period.

Conference Name

2012 Biennial Music Educators National Conference

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St. Louis, MO

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