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The Sustainable Use of Video Conferencing in Higher Education Athletics, Administration and Education




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In academia it used to be publish or perish. Now it is collaborate or perish. Dr. Mary Sue Coleman During the spring summer of 2011 Prof. Swift formed a team of people to help the Grand Valley State University Athletic Department begin to use ooVoo. ooVoo is a sophisticated video conferencing call company located in NYC that has made Grand Valley its lab school and given the university its premium business plan for all of the students, staff and faculty. The company does not charge the university anything for its services. There is no exchange of money between the university and the private company but there is a constant exchange of ideas and technological information. This collaboration between the university and ooVoo has resulted in the GVSU community using many of ooVoo s beta products and services as a test market or sample survey. The group who helped the athletic department purchase equipment, down load programs and trained coaches and staff call themselves Team ooVoo. This presentation will explain how the much respected Athletic Department of Grand Valley State University (winner of the Presidential Cup for best Division II athletic program in the nation over the past eight years) adapted to the training and use of video conferencing. After training and adoption of the video service the athletic department now uses ooVoo for everything from reaching out to athletes to interviewing candidates for coaching and staff positions.

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Midwest Dec Science Institute Conference for Sustainability and Innovation

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